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Watching the cards being shuffled

Paying attention to the cards being shuffled (Shuffle Tracking) is an informal Card Counting method. There are many different systems to do this. In general, they are all fairly complicated to pull off. Roughly speaking, to use one of these systems, you must find simple sequences to determine the part of the shoe that contains the most face cards, either Jack, King, or Queen. You must also watch the order in which cards are placed into the discard tray. In this article, we will introduce this little known method in more detail.

Effective card shuffling

For a deck of cards to be really well mixed, the dealer must shuffle is more than 40 times. This practice would obviously take too much time to be used in a casino. Therefore, we can consider the shoe at a Blackjack table to be never properly mixed. Because of this, card sequences from the previous game are going to reappear.

The principle of shuffle tracking

As soon as you are playing with a shoe that has just been shuffled, take note of the flow of cards by mentally dividing the card pile into identical sections. You must then discover which sections are the ones that hold the most Aces and ten value cards (King, Queen, Valet and 10). You must remember the placement of each section and whether it is rich or poor in strong cards. Next, it is necessary to watch how the dealer places them into the discard tray.

When the dealer shuffles the cards, pay close attention. Follow the sections that are rich in high value cards in order to see their new placement in the shoe. Next, simply increase your bets when the dealer reaches these rich sections and decrease your bets during the poor sections.

The response from casinos

This method is difficult, if not impossible, in gambling establishments that use automatic shuffling machines or double discard trays, which is often the case in Atlantic City and in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

In online casinos, this practice is ineffective since the shoe is shuffled randomly after each round. Furthermore, the shuffling, like the cards, is virtual, you cannot observe it.