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Cheating seems to be big right now with certain players. We frequently mention cases of cheating, like in this article and this one, notably. In the most recent case, a poker pro has just been arrested in the United States. At 62 years of age, Archie Karas was taken by surprise in the process of marking cards at a blackjack table.

A card-marking attempt

In a California casino, the poker player Archie Karas was playing blackjack. According to the establishment’s security team, who observed his games via surveillance cameras, he used a cheating technique that consisted of marking cards. This method would have allowed him to win 8,000 dollars in the course of the evening. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested and has just been transferred to San Diego where he will be tried for theft, fraudulent gains, and cheating: a combination that could send him to prison for three years.

40 million in winnings over three years

During the 90s, Archie Karas made a name for himself in the world of poker. Arriving in Las Vegas with only 50 dollars, he succeeded in winning some 40 million dollars in three years by winning a series of victories at the biggest poker tables in Nevada. However, his luck seems to have turned since then. He squandered the greater part of his fortune in only three weeks, playing baccarat and dice games: circumstances that certainly explain his attempts to cheat at blackjack.