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One Bruce Koloshi, age 54 and originally from New Jersey, has just been arrested for cheating in a casino. He used an ingenious technique based on invisible ink. Unfortunately for him, he made an error that could well cost him dearly.

An effective method

The basic concept of the cheating method invented by Bruce Koloshi was simple but formidable. In effect, he managed to mark cards with invisible ink in order to make them recognizable with infrared contacts.

Problems in Louisiana

A few weeks ago, things took a turn for the worse. Security agents at l’Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge, Louisiana took note of his ploy via surveillance cameras. However, lacking material evidence, casino employees allowed him to leave after taking back the money that the player had accumulated.

Multiple charges

Judging that he had drawn too much attention in Louisiana, Bruce Koloshi left for Connecticut to use his cheating techniques at Mohegan Sun Casino. His intention was to win back enough money to allow him to pay his bail when he voluntarily turned himself in to the Louisiana police, something that he did a few weeks later. Very much up to speed with the inner workings of the justice system, Bruce Koloshi had already been arrested several times. He had even been convicted in Reno and Las Vegas, notably. However, each time was under a false identity. Unfortunately for him, this time he was recognized, and it was discovered that he had also cheated in Connecticut. As a result, there is a lot at risk for Bruce Koloshi: he is charged with cheating, fraud, conspiracy to commit larceny, and identity theft. His trial should be held in a few months.

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