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Julian Braun

Julian Braun is an important personality in the world of Blackjack. Oddly enough, he very rarely entered a casino, preferring to use his computer lab to put his strategies into practice. He made a name for himself by helping Edward Thorp develop the second edition of his best seller Beat the Dealer.

An indispensable aid to Edward Thorp

When the second edition was published, the author included in the introduction his estimation that the previous edition was not error free. What’s more, he claimed to have improved his technique thanks Julian Braun’s indispensable assistance. After having read the first version of Beat the Dealer, Julian Braun became engrossed in the mathematical problems that Blackjack presented. He contacted the author of the book to offer his help in improving Beat the Dealer’s method using computer software. With this goal in mind, he created a program that allowed him to obtain a quantity of data on all the possible hands the dealer could hold. The software then analyzes the myriad of possibilities in detail. Thanks to the work of Julian Braun, the card counting system created by Edward O. Thorp was greatly improved.

Other collaborations

The computer engineer did not stop at this fruitful collaboration. He continued to work on perfecting his Blackjack techniques. He collaborated with several renowned authors, such as Lawrence Revers, Lance Humble, and Carl Cooper.

How to play winning Blackjack

It was 1980 before Julian Braun decided to write his own book, which was titled How to Play Winning Blackjack. This simple and very practical book is the result of more than 18 years of work attempting to unravel the mysteries of card games. In his book, the author develops an optimal form of basic strategy, gives useful tips, and shows players the best way to react to every possible, or even imaginable, situation.

Praise from Edward O. Thorp

When his book reached bookstores, Edward O. Thorp, Julian Braun’s former partner, did not hide his admiration for the work. According to Thorp, no method is simpler or more effective than the one presented in How to Play Winning Blackjack.

Inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame

Julian Braun was born the 25th of September 1929. Some years later, he studied mathematics and physics, and became an engineer for IBM. He died September 4th, 2000 from Parkinson’s disease. In 2005, he was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame for the supremely important role he played in the development of Blackjack playing methods.