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Al Francesco

One of the best Blackjack players in history is the famous Al Francesco. He was seized by a passion for gambling while still very young. From Greek Rummy to Craps, he played very frequently at the casino in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. He began to specialize in Blackjack after reading Edward O. Thorpe’s famous book, Beat the Dealer, which demonstrated card counting techniques for the first time in history.

Early Victories

After reading Thorp’s work, Al Francesco got down to learning the ten count card counting system. Next, he tested his knew knowledge at the casino and happily noted that the technique was very effective. Playing often, he won a lot of money.

Creating a team

After several years, Al Francesco decided to establish a card counting team. Three members sit at three different tables. As soon as the shoe is in the players’ favor, they signal a big player to come bet large sums at the table. These players pass for lucky players rather than card counters.

The end of the team

One of the players on Al Francesco’s team was Ken Uston who also became famous when he created his own team. Before this, he wrote a book on the function of card counting teams. This book put an end to the team founded by Francesco, since it allowed casinos to learn about the deception. They quickly banned the entire Al Francesco team from their establishments. Al Francesco never held a grudge against his protégé.