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Measures put in place by casinos to battle card counting

Because of Blackjack card counting, casinos began to fear losing money. In response, they put certain countermeasures in place to battle these techniques. In this article, we will introduce you to the measures used by casinos to battle card counting.

More frequent card shuffling

Casinos often use several decks of cards, generally 3 to 8, in a Blackjack table’s shoe. This measure makes all card counting systems less effective. In addition, dealers shuffle the cards often. This practice is detrimental to the casino as well as players. Game time is shortened, which can represent a significant loss of income in the long term.

Automatic shuffling

Often casinos install automatic card shufflers on Blackjack tables. In this way, the machine can shuffle a discard tray while the dealer uses the cards in the shoe. With this technique, there are no longer any untimely interruptions to reduce the casino’s profits. Furthermore, the cards are more frequently and better mixed, which complicates or prevents any attempt at card counting.

In online casinos

On gambling websites, the shoe is automatically shuffled for each game. Because of this, it is impossible to count cards online, and casinos are certain to have the advantage over players. However, you can sometimes find live Blackjack tables online. At these tables, you can follow the movements of the actual dealer, via a webcam. It is then possible to use a card counting system. On the other hand, the shoe is shuffled very frequently, rendering card counting efforts rather ineffective.

Blackjack 6:5

Since 2004, certain casinos have again begun to offer tables that use a shoe containing a single deck. This may seem appealing to a card counter, but it is not all it seems to be. At these tables, a natural Blackjack – that is to say, a Blackjack formed with an Ace and a 10, Jack, Queen, or King – only returns 6 to 5, rather than the usual 3 to 2. These tables are to the house’s advantage, not the player’s, so beware.


You have to be a savvy player to win money with card counting. Two or three errors per hour will cause you to lose your advantage over the house. So, even if you have perfectly mastered the system at home, it can be more difficult to use in a casino. These places are generally full of noise and commotion. This chaotic atmosphere allows casinos to remain untroubled in the face of all card counting attempts.

Heightened security

Dealers and managers are now also present to survey players and detect card counters. Aided by camera surveillance and computer analysis, they keep an eye on all suspicious behavior. In general, dealers are also seasoned card counters. As a result, they can more easily recognize fellow counters. Casinos have also resorted to databases that keep an inventory of players who count cards. This allows casinos to prohibit players’ access to game tables.

Therefore, in order to succeed at winning money with these systems, you must be an expert, but it is also necessary and of primary importance to be very discreet. The film Las Vegas 21 with Kevin Spacey, which tells the true story of the MIT Blackjack team, is a good illustration of card counting.