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Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

In his work Professional Blackjack, Stanford Wong refines Basic Strategy through computer simulations. This book addresses itself to novices as well as experts of the game. It quickly established itself as a reference that every player who’s serious about fully mastering blackjack must own. Contrary to sales patterns for many books, sales of this book continue to increase every year. Currently, 5000 are sold a year.

The author

Originally from Georgia in the United States, Stanford Wong was born in 1943. Holding a bachelor of science, an MBA and a doctorate in philosophy, he taught mathematics for several years. His mastery of this discipline allowed him to develop a Blackjack technique that demonstrates the best way to play according to the dealer’s upcard. This is the technique that is presented in Professional Blackjack.

He had already been a fan of the card game for a long time, when, at age 10, he began to play. In the 60s, he discovered Edward O. Thorp’s famous book, Beat the Dealer. He quickly learned card counting from it. At 21, he began to put this technique into practice in casinos.

He is the author of numerous books: Winning Without Counting, published in 1978, Blackjack in Asia in 1979, Tournament Blackjack in 1987, Tournament Craps in 1987, Professional Video Poker in 1988, Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker in 1990, Basic Blackjack in 1992, Casino Tournament Strategy in 1992, Betting Cheap Claimers in 1992, Blackjack Secrets in 1993, Sharp Sports Betting in 2001, and Wong on Dice in 2005.

The origin of his calling as a writer

Stanford Wong did not really decide to write books. He just realized one day that he had enough material in two manuscripts he had written to put one together. These texts were, in the beginning, only made for his own use. They were a continuation of Edward O. Thorpe’s book. “I had tables that I had calculated for different scenarios that Edward Thorp did not cover. Beat the Dealer gave information based on a dealer holding a soft 17 (Ace Six), whereas I needed information for a dealer drawing a soft 17 in northern Nevada. Thorpe did not cover Surrender either, whereas I was playing in casinos that allowed it. Thorp’s book had tables on Splitting pairs that you could Double Down after a Split, and I needed tables where Doubling Down after Splitting pairs was not allowed.” He had several pages and tables on different Blackjack strategies to follow depending on the rules of the individual casino. In addition, several people asked him to teach them the game. To avoid losing time doing so, he decided to publish these manuscripts in the form of a book.