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Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pro’s Way by Don Schlesinger

Released in 1997, Don Schlesinger’s book, Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pro’s Way, invites you to discover different strategies, such as card counting, different betting methods, and techniques for team play.

3 editions in 6 years

The first edition of this work offered 268 pages of advice. In 2000, a second edition was published. Four years later, the third arrived on bookstore shelves. In six years, the book has practically doubled in size, since it now holds 515 pages dedicated to the best strategies for winning at Blackjack.

A book for advanced players

Blackjack Attack is primarily written for experienced players. Amateurs who are not very familiar with card counting systems may be hampered from fully appreciating Don Schlesinger’s work. For example, the book does not offer any kind or introduction to the game or to the principle of card counting, so it should not be the first book that you read.

A reputed work

Arnold Snyder, a professional Blackjack player and currently an author, believes that this book sets a standard for reference guides and should quickly become a classic. He even adds that, to his thinking, no serious player should be without it. Another great author, Stanford Strong, also spoke very highly of the book.

It can only be found in English. It is available in paperback and hardcover. A collector’s edition has also been released. A very attractive book, it is printed on beautiful paper and has a luxurious leather cover.