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Le Blackjack: Apprenez l’excellence by François Montmirel

In the world of casinos, both online and offline, Blackjack is a particularly popular game. In gambling establishments, one out of every two tables is dedicated to Blackjack. In Le Blackjack: Apprenez l’excellence, François Montmirel draws on his experience as a professional player to introduce you to the fascinating card game that brings happiness to high-rollers. If you speak french, this book might interest you.

The author

François Montmirel is forty, has a degree in economic sciences and marketing, and has established himself in France as one of the most celebrated Poker and Blackjack experts. According to him, Blackjack is, “a game apart. It’s the only traditional casino game in which the player can differentiate his decisions to refine his results.” This aspect is what motivated him to begin playing in 1985, at the age of 22. Attracted more to roulette at the time, he attempted to develop his own strategies for this game. However, Blackjack did not fail to grab his attention. He regarded it doubtfully. In effect, “Players weren’t allowed to touch their cards and the return on a bet was more limited than in Roulette.”

The origins of the book

After the release of his book dedicated to Poker, Hatier, his editor, ordered a book on casino games. As a result, François Montmirel began to play each and every casino game for one year. Obviously, this included Blackjack. In preparation for this game, he gathered information and read several books. Naturally, he fell upon the famous Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorpe and Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston. In their respective works, these two great players develop card counting systems that fascinated François Montmirel, particularly the system put forward by Uston, who invented team play.

The content

Throughout the pages of Le Blackjack: Apprenez l’excellence, François Montmirel answers all the questions that you could have about the game, and introduces you to the most effective techniques. Thanks to his work, you should make rapid progress and become a skilled player. Blackjack is a game that can prove to be very profitable for the well-versed player, so take advantage of this book if you want to win big.

François Montmirel also developed his own system of card counting. “A lot of different methods exist that give you different results depending on their difficulty. On average, learning to count cards requires two weeks of work, followed by daily practice.”